Better targeted support & improved completion rates through behavioural science

How It Works

The Approach

Every student is different. Education providers have a responsibility to give each student the best chance of success.

Understanding your students can go a long way to helping that. Assess to Educate (A2E) is a tool that uses academic research and behavioural science to measure a student's commitment to a course.

The Assessment

Students complete a simple 12-question assessment that can be emailed to them or accessed via Student self-service. Students are rated on an easy to understand scale of commitment.

The student rating is displayed clearly in VETtrak. You can also report on student ratings for groups of or all students.

The Support

This rating intelligence helps you to deliver targeted engagement and intervention strategies. A2E provides recommended and proven study principles so you can better coach and guide students.

By understanding students and building a framework for success, you greatly increase the chance of successful completion.



Learners expect more than ever from their study and A2E can help you to curate a custom student experience:

  • Know your students and build an experience for each individual.
  • Use behavioural science to predict 'at risk' students.
  • Use language and coaching guides that your students will respond positively to.
  • Offer research-based intervention strategies designed to support your ‘at-risk’ students.


By embracing behavioural science, you improve your chance of success

  • Focusing support efforts on those who are least committed and motivated to complete the course.
  • Improve completion rates by adopting the recommended coaching principles based on what the student is thinking.
  • Applying the right level of engagement is not only good for your student, but for your bottom line too.
  • Students who progress deeper into their journey often unlock milestone payments from funding or fees.


This personalisation of service clearly demonstrates 'protection of learner'

  • We have a duty of care to our learners and we need to ensure that the course is right for them.
  • A2E can help you frame that discussion.
    Clearly demonstrate your duty of care by working with your students and building an engagement model designed for their success.
  • Use scientific research to help protect your student and doing the right thing will help protect your funding.

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